Computers Doing Your Homework? Is THIS the New "Freedom" - the NEW "School"? Children who don't want to learn, who don't want to write either

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Computers Doing Your Homework? Is THIS the New "Freedom" - the NEW "School"?

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

The above video is tragic.

Having a computer use your pen to write for you is like have a computer RUN for you.

Uh, that’s what your legs are for.

People who have no legs, people who have no hands WISH they could run, WISH they could write with their hands and, of course, are grateful for the innovations to help them.

But, willfully abdicating your wholeness to farm out your own capacities of brain, body and heart development which writing brings, uh, well, you can’t be helped. You’re lost in the helly hypnosis and are seemingly irretrievable.

Writing is one of the most gorgeous things we humans can do. It's an art on every level. This is Cyrano de Bergerac gone waaay too far. Bad things come from this.

One who can't write in these days... well...

We don't NEED to write to live or to be happy as we didn’t write until how many 1000’s of years ago and most didn’t write until the last 100 years or less. And some still don’t and are joyfully in their culture doing other cool things.

BUT, what gorgeous things we can do with our pen in our hands for those of us who are in this culture of writing!

Are they going to outsource love notes too? Sad.

I would cry but it's their loss. No tear comes to heart or mind maybe because I’ve already cried too much in these last three, ten, twenty… years. Seeing the devastation, the controlled demolition exponentialized.

My tears can’t help them anyway.

Only their own authentic cries can melt their frozen, programmed, headed hearts.

Funny thing is, these people THINK they are being “innovative”. Rather, they are being PLAYED. They are being channeled, corralled into this subjugation system all while be hypnotized by an evil spell telling people to enjoy giving up their rights, the own will, their mind, their bodies, their hearts… their soul. “Here, take THIS, IT will “cure” you.” Meanwhile, moments later, they keel over from a heart attach, a stroke etc. It’s happening all over the world and yet, the brainwash’d don't see it. They won’t. They willfully, seemingly, ignore it. Their PROGRAM won’t let them see the truth. The wool over their eyes is too thick and been their too long is like the grease on the kitchen fan stuck with years, decades of grime slowing the motor to a stop. Yeah, that’s what happens to hell hypnotized minds, hearts and bodies. They come to a slow, slow, slow halt. They don’t even recognize it because it’s so insidious - they actually beLIEve that the LIES are THEIR beLIEfs. Amazing. The evil malignant hypnotizers got it down. I must say. Well, they’ve been passing down this “knowledge”, this HOW TO DESTROY HUMANS/SOCIETIES/ OUR WORLD for millennia.

Edward Bernais is Signmond Freud - a known pedophile and clear torturer of HUMANS and ANIMALS - THAT’S called a PSYCHOPATH! And, funny enough, the maphoeuh who think they RUN our world make you learn about and praise these murderers! Hahaha! And, people spout off this garbage they “learn” are brainwashed by in prison - I mean, school - like it’s truth and helpful. School is mind control for the enslaved. Get out.

. . .

Back to the AI - stand for Artificial IGNORANCE - You can quote me!

And any future generation who loses the love of and ability to write is lost in my book. Lost not because you HAVE to write, but because you CAN and you don’t, won’t.

Our brains develop by doing all these older skills.

These skills of our hands, our bodies, our hearts, our minds, they are sacred. We can blend them both. But "losing them" DOES matter. These are the words in the SONG that’s been chosen to accompany this video for some sick ironic reason, I suppose.

I don't believe in the meaning in this song the video maker has chosen.

I'll stick with my fountain pens forever, thank you very much.

I loved writing by hand my whole life since I was a tiny child drawing with my colored crayons on my sister's wall underneath and behind her poster bed.

No machine can do that. That was my ingenuity and other things.

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My hands drew. My hands!

My little hands loved the colors in the crayons and the feel of the colory wax and fraying paper held sacredly in my tiny hands freed by the streams of curved lines I created to get out of the hell that was my "home".

No machine writing for me would have helped heal me nor helped FREE me from that place.

My OWN hand, my own writing did this!

And yours can, too!

Writing by HAND can, help heal and FREE these young children, too, trapped by the mind control traumas enacted on them daily from the institution of media poxon subliminals and directly malicious programming.


Grow your own food! And, SHARE! BARTER! And, DANCE and SING, again, TOGETHER!!

-Saralina Love

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