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Saralina Love at New Mexico State Fair performing her Celestial Mystical Opera

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June 29th, 2022

Compelled Expression: Sharing What We See

Writing is rapturous for me. Ever since I first picked up a rock and carved it into a shiny, black – ah, I’ll save this story for an upcoming post! Let’s just say for now that I love writing – what is raw, real and rapturous – and love sharing it with you even more ever since I discovered the magic of putting curves to a surface.

The fact that we can communicate, express ourselves, download the infinite whirling mynd, the endless creations from Spirit into thoughts, words, body moving through our fingers to a surface etched in eternal spirals becoming words is pure ecstasy.

The Dilemma: The Opportunity

In my books – and audiobooks and CDs / MP3s – I’ve published and shared over the last 30+ years – you can find some of them here – throughout the world in the sacred concerts, workshops in healing and trauma recovery and more, I have fulfilled the deepest part of myself. And yet, today is a new day and it is time to unfurl, again, in a new way.

I have had blogs and newsletters over these decades and have felt disenchanted with those platforms for different reasons largely deeply personal ones. A sense of privacy came over me like never before that was and is disposed to the part of me which loves, longs and lives to share my joys, my faults, my navigations and my wisdom. But, the urgency for privacy for so many more reasons now than every before called me to halt that formats expression.

I’ve asked myself how I can make peace with these diametrically opposed parts of myself for these last few years – a decade – since forever and a day – more than ever though I’ve always had these opposite sides of myself.

I’m deeply private and, in another way, eternally open and a consummate sharer. Hah! Even in my openness and chronic, joyous divulgence which is spurred by my desire to help myself and share what I learn to help others to help make a better world for us all, I hold certain things close to my chest never revealing what is most private and sacred. This “never” has morphed over the years to all out total divulgence. Similarly, I expect changing of the guards, swapping of the poles, switching of the lanes from UK to US back again to continue just as my “openness” will also shift to towards privacy.

I am still compelled to share my perceptions, what I have learned as the eternalness, empty and formless acts in the greatest mystery of all: Time and all it’s infinite variations in Space, and what and who my eternal self appears to transmit through this things called “me”.

A New Day: A New Way: Renewed Courage

I am looking forward to this new adventure of storytelling / communicating through this substack site!

It’s time to open the floodgates within and speak up, shout out, stand up and invest in truth, courage, boldness, strength, transparency, honesty, curiosity, wisdom, empathy, understanding linked with healthy boundaries and presence.

It is time to divest from lies, deceit, malicious manipulation and the on-going malignant programming and sheer evool indoctrination that has poxon’d our mortal consciousness for thousands of years.

It is time to recondition our mynds with truth, instinctivness, effectiveness, efficiency, health, wellness, community and souvereignity – our ultimate way home.

Expect the unexpected. Expect that which the depth of your Spirit longs. Expect the decalcification of whatever most secretly begs of you to be truly free. Expect inanities, too.

I offer my riverous meandering, laser luminations and unguarded outrageousness – sober and somber, absurd and hilarious – both for yours and my enjoyment sharing my heart, soul, body, mind and Spirit with you to create a community of deep connections and joyous, transparent friends, allies, co-supporters in this thing we call life.

Saralina Love at New Mexico State Fair performing her Celestial Mystical Opera

Thank You for Joining Me in this Vulnerable Adventure: This New Flow of Wisdom and Questioning and Harnessing Life’s Turmoils to Share How to Build A Rapturous Life, Again

Thank you for joining me here for our roadway home to this building of community filled with healthy, sound wisdom beings, radiant with love, filled with empathy, steeped in strength, imbedded with integrity and fierce with loyalty, fluid with adaptability and founded in mutual support and the miracle of natural synergy.


I’m celebrating with you and love your sharing thoughts, desires and questions through your comments.

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Diaspora Of Love is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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