A Brief Synopsis
My Walk & Talk from the Nashville Symphony and Downtown Nashvayguz: from the Mundane to the Far Out Cosmic & Esoteric
How Do We Ask and Receive the Very Help We Most Long For
Ernest Ramirez was offered a bribe to call his son's vaccine death "Covid."

December 2022

And Happy SOLAR NEW YEAR which started December 22nd 2022!
A private space for us to converse and connect
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Life is synonymous with Truth. Do you want Life or...

October 2022

It is time to grow up. We must grow up to stop this destruction of our very existence
Hypothetical Psyche evaluation of the masses of the state of our existence

September 2022

How to effect our world positively while being positive and more
Is anyone innocent in that land of entertrainment? A look deeper into the why and how and what for's of it all